About us

As Digital Mentors we aim to provide IT training and technical support advice to local organisations and businesses including MS ‘Office’ training sessions, Social media/Networking guidance, simple website creation and promotion demonstrations, tips on online selling, computer maintenance and tech support. Plus so much more.
Meet the team;
The DM team (minus Ryan!!)

DM Steve  Steve

  “I’ve been teaching a range of IT courses since 1984, both in secondary and tertiary education. More recently I have also delivered courses for Devon Adult and Community Learning. I joined the DM team in September 2010, with the hope that my experience in teaching the use of software applications, and in particular Microsoft Office, will benefit the aims of the digital mentors.”



DM Fiona G  Fiona G

  "I love helping people to see what IT can do for them. My specialism is in websites and digital marketing. It is great to see what businesses can do with a bit of new knowledge and confidence"




Stuart Woolger

"I'm a real Social Media enthusiast, having used it for business, I cycled across America and used social media to keep in touch with friends but also to communicate with local people who helped me find places to stay and eat. I love the power of Social Media and how it connects people."